Meli Wraps 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Face Mask - Pineapple print

New Design Alert! After feedback looking for a comfortable every day, everybody can wear type of mask- we came up with this new design. 

NEW SIZE ALERT! We're proud to announce large-sized masks! Same great quality, same soft, organic cotton, same great price - new size. Perfect for larger faces and folks with beards!

These masks are one-size fits most. They are made with our high quality certified organic cotton and lycra ear straps for maximum comfort. The lycra is looped into the mask but left untied to be customized to fit your face. Once you have the size you want for your ear straps; tie the lycra in a tight double knot and cut away any excess. You can then push the knotted area into the loop to hide the knot. 

Please machine wash your mask before use. Most importantly please understand that we are not in the medical field and we are not saying that this mask will prevent you from contracting COVID-19. 


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